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Ultimate time killer....

I must be really bored....
I like the popping sound... pop pop.. hehehehehe


I miss ChristChurch NZ...
I feel melancholy but nothing wrong with it.
Just feel like being melancholy and whatever will be will be.
Wonderful memories of Christchurch is the jewelry of my heart.

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Sand Art from Tottori Desert

I found beautiful sand art from Tottori Desert in Japan. so I want to share with you. :-D

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Secret of Beautiful Voice...

There are some things I wanted to post for my journal, but after I saw one of my friend's journal, I decided to post this one today. With this, I can introduce a talented Japanese to you too. YAY! :-D

Well, I already introduced this singer to one of my friend, but I want to share about this amazing singer to all of my friends!!

Please listen this opera singer's voice at least for 30sec ~ 1min. and I will reveal the amazing fact of this singer behind the cut. hehehehehe

(This song is from one of famous Japanese animation movie "Princess Mononoke".)

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Kitty is very sleepy....

I found a very cute video of sleepy little kitten for you, Pinki, and some other kitty lovers.
Hope this video brings you smile. :-D

Have a beautiful week to you all.


Hello~, hello~, hello~, ....... Is there anybody in there?

I have a good news for you .....   I Finaly got Eco Bags!!!

I was thinking about to get them for a loooong time, but I always forget to buy them. But today, there they were, right in front of register!!
Now I hope I will not forget to bring my Eco bags with me when I go to grocery shopping ....

Speaking of the Eco Bag, I wonder how much is the famous " I'm NOT a plastic bag" Eco bag now.
They were $ 400 on Ebay last year....

meme from W

This meme is from W, and Pinki and I decide to do this.  :-D

Dear, Mr. Winterlion!!

I hope I am not too late to wish you this...

Myspace Comments - Tweety Sylvester Birthday

I hope you will have a Super Wonderful Birthday with lots of loves and smiles!!!


Funny signs from all over the world.

After I read Mr.v_for_vincent's fun journal about people fixing errors on signs and Miss_Pinki's fun collection of funny pictures, I thought I wanna put some pictures of funny signs on my journal to bring you or anybody smile. So here it is. :-D

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Grape candy... yummy...

This is a recipe of Japanese candy which our dear friend Marc tried when she was in Japan. :-D

For 1 hour, I was trying to find Grape candy recipe with 'pictures' that I found week ago, but now I can't find the web-site.

so, I guess I have to explain without picture...I hope you can understand with my poor English. :-(

*** Grape Candy ***

some Kyoho grapes ( Concord should be fine )

sugar ... 3 oz ( 1/4 cup + 1/8 cup..?)

water ... 2 TBS

long sticks ( you can use tooth picks but longer the better )


#1. spread the tinfoil on a baking sheet. ( Grease the surface of tinfoil)

#2. prepare grapes by sticking long sticks. ( one grape, one stick )

#3. combine sugar, water in a small sauce pan on medium heat until it gets golden color.

#4. turn off the heat, and dip grape in the "#3" ( #3 is VERY HOT, so be careful)

#5. rest "#4" on tinfoil until the candy part gets hard.

*** That's it. some people says you can use grape juice in process of "#3" but I don't know how much joice to put, nor when to turn off the heat with purple colored candy.

you can make this candy using strawberry too. :-D